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Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin

"Father of Evolution"

February 12 marks the 211th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. To celebrate, we’re featuring articles about the famed British naturalist and his theory of evolution by natural selection.


Faking Shakespeare

Forging Shakespeare to Impress His Dad

William-Henry Ireland's father thought he was dull, uninspired, and talentless. So William-Henry began a project that would lead to national excitement, a riot, and with any luck, the love and adoration of his father. He forged an “undiscovered” new play by William Shakespeare—and it actually premiered on a London stage.

First Edition
Subscriber Exclusive

First Edition

Travel back to a time when California was still a mysterious land, the United States did not exist, and electricity was a new discovery. Digitized for our valued subscribers, we’ve curated some of the best of the original 2,500 pages, with articles and engravings.

Dinosaurs You Should Know

dinosaur quiz

Dinosaurs: Fact or Fiction

"Thunder Lizards"

These extinct reptiles are a source of fascination for young and old. Explore six of the more than 1,000 known species of dinosaur.

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